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Nursing Exam Questions with Answer 2024 available

Nursing Exam Questions with Answer 2024 available The Solved Multiple Choice Questions of Nurses Recruitment Examination conducted to select suitable candidates by various Recruitment Agencies/ Government Boards is published below. It will be useful for preparing the future recruitment examination of Nursing Officer/ Staff Nurse Question Paper Format: Pdf/ png/ Txt Total No. of Questions: 20  1. Which correct instruction to be followed in the discharge teaching of a patient following a spinal fusion? a) Don’t use the stairs b) Don’t bend at the waist c) Don’t walk for long hours d) Swimming should be avoided Ans: b 2. What is the most common clinical explanation of G6PD following ingestion of aspirin? a) Kidney failure b) Acute hemolytic anemia c) Hemophilia A d) Thalassemia Ans: B 3. A client who is in isolation requires a temperature taken many times a day. Where is the exact place for the thermometer to be kept? a) At the nurses’ station. b) On the isolation cart outside the client’

Nursing COC Exam Questions

Nursing COC Exam Model Questions-2023 Nursing COC exam questions From Question No. 1 to 14 Published here the answer will be published at . You can also download all 100 question answers in pdf format by clicking below download link. These question also useful If you are planning to attend the upcoming KEA Nursing officer Examination,    AIIMS Examination ,  UPSC Examination , HPPSC Examination,  RRB Examination , PGI Examination,  ESIC Examination Nursing COC Exam Question No.1 . What complication should the nurse be alert for in a diabetic patient who has been placed in skeletal  traction after a motor vehicle accident ?    A. Osteoarthritis    B. Osteomyelitis    C. Osteoporosis    D. Osteosarcoma  Nursing COC Exam Question No.2. The part of the fetus which occupies the lower pole of the uterus is called? A. Lie B. Presentation C. Denominator D. Position Nursing COC Exam Question No.3. There is blood on the floor. How should the nurse clean up the spill?  A. Wi

KEA Staff Nurse- Nursing Officer Exam Model Questions Part 5

KEA Staff Nurse- Nursing Officer Exam Model Questions Part 5 56. Which of the following is not a side effect of salbutamol ? (A) Muscle tremors (B) Sedation (C) Palpitation (D) Nervousness 57. Which is the drug of choice for severe & complicated malaria ? (A) Quinine (B) Artesunate (C) Primaquine (D) Chloroquine 58. Antidote for heparin is (A) Protamine sulphate (B) Vitamin K (C) Aminocarpoic acid (D) Aminodarone 59. The values of Correlation Coefficient varies between (A) –0.5 to +0.5 (B) –0.75 to +0.75 (C) < –1.0 to < +1.0 (D) None of these 60. The constant presence of a disease or infection within a given geographical area is called - (A) Sporadic (B) Epidemic (C) Endemic (D) Pandemic 61. Koplik's spots are clinical feature of - (A) Chicken pox (B) Pertusis (C) Cholera (D) Measles 62. Which of the following is is not constuent of vital statistics? (A) Birth rate (B) Morbidity & Mortality rate (C) Educational rate (D) Life expectancy 63. Route of administration of P

KEA Nursing Officer Exam Model Questions- Part II

KEA Nursing Officer Exam Model Questions- Part II 2nd part of model questions for preparing upcoming KEA Nursing officer examination is published here KEA Nursing Officer Exam Model Questions- Part II (question No. 21-40)  21. Gleno-humeral joint is also called - (A) Hip joint (B) Knee joint (C) Shoulder joint (D) Elbow joint 22. Which blood group can be administered to a patient in emergency when his blood group is not known? (A) 'O' negative (B) 'O' positive (C) 'AB' negative (D) 'AB' positive 23. The major constituent of the bone is - (A) Calcium sulphate (B) Sodium chloride (C) Magnesium sulphate (D) Calcium phosphate 24. The protein factory in the human body cell is - (A) Nucleus (B) Cytoplasm (C) Golgi apparatus (D) Ribosome 5 / 3 6 25. The posterior pituitary is mainly consists of - (A) T cells (B) C cells (C) Neuronal projections (D) Beta cells 26. Bell's palsy is a disorder of the cranial nerve - (A) 9th (B) 7th (C) 5th (D) 3rd 27. Which pa

General Nursing Exam Questions 2024

General Nursing Exam Questions 2024 Some general nursing exam questions that may help you to prepare for an Nurses Recruitment Interview/ Written Exam/ CBT What are the signs and symptoms of a myocardial infarction (heart attack)? How would you prevent the spread of infection in a healthcare setting? What are the nursing interventions for a patient with diabetes? What is the Normal Range of Glucose Level in Fasting and Post Prandial? How would you prioritise care for multiple patients with different needs? What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration in an elderly patient? How would you assess a patient's pain level? How would you assess a patient's respiratory status? What are the common side effects of opioid analgesics? What are the potential complications of immobility in a hospitalised patient? What is the normal range for blood pressure in adults? What care can you give immediately for a Chocking baby? How can you stop Bleeding in Rectum? How can you manage head Injury

Nursing Professor Recruitment Exam Solved Question paper part 1

Nursing Professor Recruitment Exam Solved Question paper part 1 The Nursing professor/ Assistant Professor Recruitment takes place every year in most of the Universities. The Nursing Questions little diffrent from Normal Nurses Recruitment Exam Questions. following are the model questions with answer for preparing the Nursing Professor Recruitment Exam Note: This may also be asked in Nursing officer/ Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam Question 1:-Fundamental postulates of Martha E. Rogers Theory include         A:-Conservation, adaptation, wholeness, integrity         B:-Transpersonal caring, caring relation, caring occasion, carative factor         C:-Energy field, openness, pattern, pan dimensionality         D:-Stabilization, reorganization, interaction, order         Correct Answer:- Option-C Question 2:-Providing comprehensive client care across the continuum of practice setting is         A:-Case management         B:-Team nursing         C:-Modular nursing         D:-Primary nursing

Trendy and current update on the Hottest Opportunities in Govt Nursing Jobs

Trendy and current update on the Hottest Opportunities in Govt Nursing Jobs We know many Indian Nurses are allready following Govt Nursing Jobs Page in Facebook .Still some freshers are looking in google search for latest govt nursing Jobs in India and routed to many websites. The in serving Indian Nurses to provide Nursing job alerts on time. Application form also easily available in the same page. The Current update in Nursing job opportunities is listed here is recently published at NHM 1200 Nurses Recruitment 2253 ANM and GNM Nursing job opportunities apply online Manipal Hospital Bengaluru GNM Bsc Nursing Jobs NHM Nurse, Community Nurse, Medical Officer, Ayush Medical Officers and Other Jobs 32000 Salary Nursing jobs in ACTREC AIIMS Nursing Job Opportunities 56100 to 177500 Salary Per month Sainik School Nursing Job Opportunities Karnataka JIPMER Nursing Job Opportunities -32000 Salary Indian Institute of Technology Staff Nurse Job Vacancies 3540