1) Basic Principles of fundamentals of nursing

a) Cleaning

b) Disinfection

c) Sterilization

d) All the above

2) Example for second class lever

a) Scissors

b) Trolley

c) O2 tank carrier

d) None of the above

3) Radio active cobalt is used

a) For surgery

b) For Drug

c) Locally treating

d) None of the above

4) SOS means

a) Once a day

b) 4 times a day

c) If necessary

d) At night

5) Elements of primary health care

a) Promotion of food supply & proper nutrition

b) Adequate supply of safe water & sanitation

c) Maternal and child health care

d) All the above

6) The technique is used to open O2 cylinder

a) Clock wise

b) Anti clock wise

c) Upwards

d) Downwords