Question #1:-Hypoxaemia refers to a partial pressure of `O_(2)` in the arterial blood below
 A:-98 mm of Hg
 B:-95 mm of Hg
 C:-90 mm of Hg
 D:-85 mm of Hg
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question #2. Mrs. Kishori is a Type II diabetic with a history of TIA and congestive heart failure. She is admitted to the critical care unit for monitoring following a Hartmann’s procedure for colon cancer. Two hours post operatively, she develops new onset uncontrolled atrial fibrillation with hypotension. Which one of the following interventions is the priority?
a. Lidocaine
b. Amiodarone
c. Coumadin
d. IV heparin
Which one of the following pharmacological agents is the priority?
a. Antipyretic
b. Anticonvulsant
c. Antihypertensive
d. Beta-blocker

Question #3:-Dark brown colour of amniotic fluid indicates
 A:-Post maturity
 B:-Intra uterine death
 C:-Rh incompatibility
 D:-Accidental hemorrhage

Question #4. Calculate the PaO2:FiO2 ratio based on the following data:
FiO2 1.0 PEEP 10 PaO2 65 pH 7.34 PaCO2 45 SpO2 90%
a. .90
b. 20
c. 65
d. 35

Question #5. Mrs. Archana Vasudev has a diagnosis of asthma and is admitted with loud expiratory wheezes that are audible without a stethescope. Three hours after starting salbutamol (Ventolin) by inhalation q 1 h and after IV methylprednisolone is started (Solumedrol), her wheezes have disappeared and her chest wall movement has decreased. She has the following findings:
RR is 35 SpO2 86% BP 160/95
Which one of the following interventions is the priority.
a. Reduce the frequency of the ventolin
b. Initiate spiriva
c. Administer apresoline
d. Prepare for intubation

Question #6. Mr. Narasimha pai is admitted to the critical care unit with a closed head injury following a fall from a ladder.
He develops respiratory distress and has HR 144, RR 38, BP 60/40 and SpO2 74%. His peak
airway pressures increase and his trachea deviates to the right side. Which one of the following
interventions is the priority?
a. Mannitol
b. Norepinephrine (Levophed)
c. Right sided chest tube
d. Left sided chest tube

Question #7. Mrs. Geetha Vishnu sustains a fractured sternum and multiple fractures of right ribs #3-#6. She is on .5
PEEP 10 and Pressure Support (PS) 15 cmH20. She becomes restless with paradoxical chest wall
movement and her tidal volumes decrease to 250-300 cc. Which one of the following interventions
is the priority?
a. Analgesic
b. Sedative
c. Increase the PS
d. Increase the PEEP

Question #8:-The position given to a patient with increased intra cranial pressure is
 A:-Head end elevated to 45°
 B:-Propped up position
 C:-Supine position
 D:-Head end elevated to 30°
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question #9. Mr. Shoba Karandaje Rai was admitted this morning with an acute C5-6 spinal cord injury due to an all terrain vehicle roll-over. He is currently ventilated and receiving prn analgesia. When planning his care, which one of the following interventions should be included in the plan?
a. Strict maintenance of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine alignment
b. Neurological testing of spinal cord function q 12 h
c. Early mobilization to trauma chair with cervical collar
d. Head of bed elevation to 45 degrees with cervical collar

Question #10:-Due to Frenkel-defect the density of the ionic solids
 C:-Does not change
 D:-Changes abnormally
 Correct Answer:- Option-C