* The spinal nerves are

a) 30 pairs

b) 31 pairs

c) 41 pairs

d) 20 pairs

* Ovulation day is

a) 14 days of menses

b) 10th day of menses

c) 9th day of menses

d) 20th day of menses

* Number of milk teeth

a) 20

b) 30

c) 32

d) 28

* Shape of the body of thoracic vertebrae

a) kidney shape

b) Heart shape

c) Bean shape

d) Pea nut shape

* Smallest bone present in the body

a) Head

b) Leg

c) Ear

d) Hand

* Cardiac sphincter is situated at

a) Heart

b) Cardiam

c) End of esophagus

d) End of stomach

* Voice produced by 

a) Pharynx

b) Larynx

c) Vocal cords

d)Thyroid cartilage

* Function of the blood

a) Carry carbon dioxide to the blood

b) Carry nutrients to all parts of the body

c) Carry antibodies to sites of infection

d) All the above

 * Which is the biggest artery in the body

a) Brachial artery

b) Aorta

c) Femoral artery

d)Tibial artery

* Life span of RBC

a) 100 days

b) 120 days

c) 1 year

d) 60 days

* The heart is situated in the

a) abdominal cavity

b) Thoracic cavity

c) Pelvic cavity

d)Cranial cavity

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