1. The danger zone for bacterial growth in food is

(a) 10-99 degree C 
b) 20-79 degree C 
c)  20-60 degree C
d)10-60 degree C 

Answer: d)10-60 degree C 

2. All are components of under five clinic except

a) patient referral treatment  
b) growth monitoring 
c) oral rehydration 
d) immunization 

answer: a) patient referral treatment  

3. Zero dose of polio vaccine means

a) no vaccination
b) no antibody response
c) dose before first dose
d) vaccination at mobile camps

Answer: c) dose before first dose

4. All are suitable for disinfection of faces and urine except

a)  1-10% formalin
b) 1% crude phenol
c) 5% cresol 
d) 8% bleaching powder 

Answer: (a)  1-10% formalin

5.The control of .............. has led to the eradication of guinea worm disease

a) mosquito 
b) rat flea 
c)  cyclops
d) sand fly 

Answer: c)  cyclops

6. Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh is a voluntary agency related to the disease:

a) Tuberculosis
b) Filaria
c) Malaria 
d) Leprosy

Answer: d) Leprosy