1. Quickening means:

a) Hearing of the fetal heart sound
b) Make or become faster or quicker.
c) The movement of the feuts in the uterus felt by the mother
d)Sudden cessation of Menstruation 

2.Typhoid is transmitted through –

a) Water and food 
b) Air
c) Touch 
d) Personal contact

3. Mode of transmission of Pertussis:

a) Vector transmission 
b) Faecoaral
c) Droplet infection
d) Through contaminated water

4. The most common from of malnutrition are the following except

a) Beri-beri
b) Kwashiorkor 
c) Marasmus 
d) Protein energy malnutrition 

5. The following organs are situated in the abdominal cavity except:

a) Stomach 
b) Oesophagus 
c) liver 
d) Spleen

6. When the umbilical cord lies in front of the presenting part and the membranes are intact it is known as:

a) Cord presentation 
b) Cord prolapse
c) Cord pulsation 
d) Cord delivery