Question No.1. Non verbal massage is a mode of communication that include the following except
a) Tone& pitch of voice 
b) Facial expression
c) Gesture
d) Touch
Question No.2. Four emergency interventions used in resuscitating a patient in cardiac arrest.
a. Adrenaline/Atropine/ Amiodarone/Defibrillation
b. Epinephrine/ Atropine/ Vasopressin/ Noradrenaline
c. Adrenaline/Vasopressin/ Amiodarone/Defibrillation
d. . Epinephrine/ Atropine/ Vasopressin/ Amiodarone

Question No.3.The nurse prepares IM injection that is irritating to the subcutaneous tissue.
Which of the following is the best action in order to prevent tracking of the
a) Use a small gauge needle
b) Apply ice on the injection site
c) Administer at a 45° angle
d) Use the Z-track technique

Question No.4.5% Dextrose solution contains:
a. 5 gm dextrose/ liter
b. 50 gm dextrose/ 100 ml
c. 5 gm dextrose/ 100 ml
d. 5 mg dextrose/ 100 ml

Question No.5.Which of the following is the meaning of PRN?
a) When advice
b)When necessary
b) Immediately

Question No.6. Development of an infection occurs in a cycle that depends on the presence of all
the following elements except:
a) Causative agent, a portal of entry
b) Source for pathogen growth
c) Health care worker
d) A portal of exit, a mode of transmission, a susceptible host

Question No.7. Normal level of serum sodium is
a. 115-135
b. 135-145
c. 150-170
d. 170-190

Question No.8.According to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the highest level is
a) Physiologic needs
b) Safety and security
c) Belongingness and affection and esteem and self-respect
d) Self-actualization

Question No.9.Which of the following drugs is not a muscle relaxant?
a. Suxamethonium
b. Pancuronium
c. Fentanyl
d. Gallamine

Question No.10.Mr. Shiju John has just been admitted to your floor with onset of disruptive behavior due to unknown cause. He is prescribed haloperidol 2.5 mg intramuscularly now. The pharmacy dispenses haloperidol for injection in the form of 5 mg/mL. How much medication do you draw up to give to Mr. Shiju John?
a) 2 mL.
b) 5 mL.
c) 0.5 mL.