Question No. 1. The following is the most important purpose of documentation?except
a) To Communication
b)To provide comfort
b) To Quality assurance
d) To Reimbursement

Answer: b)To provide comfort

Question No. 2. One milligram contains:
a. 10 microgram
b 100 microgram
c. 1000 microgram
d. 10000 microgram

Answer: c. 1000 microgram

Question No. 3. The nurse is to administer an iron injection to an adult. How should this be administered?
a) Z track intramuscular in the gluteal
b) Intradermal in the forearm
c) Intramuscular in the deltoid
d) Subcutaneous in the arm
Answer: a) Z track intramuscular in the gluteal 

Question No. 4.The nurse is orienting a new nurse to the unit and reviews source-oriented charting. Which statement by the nurse best describes source-oriented charting?
a) Separates the health record according to discipline
b) Organizes documentation around the patient's problems
c) Highlights the patient's concerns, problems, and strengths
d) Is designed to streamline documentation

Answer: a) Separates the health record according to discipline

Question No. 5. All the flowing are essential standard precautions used in the care of all
patients irrespective of whether they are diagnosed infectious or not ,except one
a) Hand hygiene
b) Improper sharps and waste disposal
c) Personal protective equipment
d) Aseptic techniques

Answer: b) Improper sharps and waste disposal

Question No. 6. Tall peaked T waves in ECG is seen in
a. Hypokalemia
b. Hyponatremia
c. Hypernatremia
d. Hyperkalemia


Question No. 7. Changes that occur in musculoskeletal system due to immobility
a) decrease muscle endurance ,strength and mass
b) Change in calcium metabolism with hyper calcium result in renal calculi
c) Alteration in calcium,fluid and electrolyte
d) Non of the above

Answer: a) decrease muscle endurance ,strength and mass

Question No. 8. Objective data might include:
a) Chest pain.
b)An evaluation of blood pressure. 
c)  Complaint of dizziness.
d) None of the above

Answer: b)An evaluation of blood pressure. 

Question No. 9According to Indian Public Health Standard, minimum number of beds in a Community Health Centre
 D:- 70
Answer:-  B:-30 

Question No. 10. Hypoxia is a manifestation of:
a. Lack of oxygen
b. Excess of carbon dioxide

c. Lack of carbon dioxide
d. Excess of oxygen