Question #1:-Which of the following drug is not used in the management of hyperkaleamia?
 A:-Calcium gluconate
 B:-Atropine sulphate
 C:-Sodium bicarbonate
Answer:-  B:-Atropine sulphate

Question #2:-A post thyroidectomy patient in the post operative ward complaints of difficulty in breathing. On examination he had stridor and markedly swollen, tense neck. Which one is the first step in the management of this patient ?
 A:-Intubate with endotracheal tube
 B:-Perform tracheostomy
 C:-Open the wound to evacuate the haematoma
 D:-Control the bleeding site in the operating room

Answer:-  C:-Open the wound to evacuate the haematoma

Question # 3:-Order of hand washing is
 A:-back of hand, wrist, palm
 B:-wrist, palm, back of hand
 C:-palm, wrist, back of hand
 D:-palm, back of hand, wrist
Answer:-  D:-palm, back of hand, wrist

Question # 4. Treatment of Narrow Complex Tachycardia in haemodynamically unstable patient is
a. Defibrillation
b. Cardioversion
c. Amidarone
d. Ditiazem


Question # 5:-A person having Klinfelter's syndrome is characterized by
 A:-Having both male and female sex organs
 B:-Female with some sexual characters of male
 C:-Male with some secondary sexual characters of female
 D:-Female internal sex organs and male external sex organs
Answer:-  C:-Male with some secondary sexual characters of female

Question # 6. One ampule of Adrenaline contains
a. 1mg
b. 0.1 mg
c. 100mcg
d. 10mg

Answer:- a. 1mg

Question # 7:-Contact precautions are used in caring a patient with

Answer:-  B:-MRSA

Question # 8:-Location and secretion of Leydig cells are

Answer:-  C:-Testis-testosterone

Question # 9:-Pulse Apex deficit is seen in
 A:-Aortic stenosis
 B:-Cardiac failure
 C:-Atrial fibrillation
 D:-Mitral stenosis

Answer:-  C:-Atrial fibrillation

Question # 10:-The most lethal arrhythmia is
 A:-Supra ventricular tachycardia
 B:-Atrial tachycardia
 C:-Sinus arrhythmia
 D:-Ventricular fibrillation

Answer:-  D:-Ventricular fibrillation