Question No. 1:-Regular rhythmic uterine contraction elicited during bimanual examination is
 A:-Piskacak's sign
 B:-Jacqmer's sign
 C:-Heger's sign
 D:-Palmer's sign
Answer:- Option-D
Question No. 2. All are correctly matched except
a. decreased fibrinogen – cryoprecipate
b. increased INR – FFP
c. decreased hemoglobin – packed cells
d. increased APTT – platelets

Question No. 3:-The connecting link between glycolysis and kreb's cycle in aerobic respiration is
 B:-Acetyl COA
 C:-Citric acid
 D:-Oxalo acetic acid
Answer:- Option-B

Question No. 4:-The life span of a sperm is
 A:-12 to 24 hours
 B:-48 to 72 hours
 C:-0 to 12 hours
  D:-24 to 48 hours
Answer:- Option-B

Question No. 5:-Rate of uterine rupture in previous low vertical incision in the uterus is
 A:-0.2 — 1.5%
 B:-4 — 9%
 C:-1 — 7%
 D:-4 — 6%
Answer:- Option-C

Question No. 6:-Polarization of light is a convincing evidence of it's
 A:-Longitudinal nature
 B:-Transverse nature
 C:-Dual nature
 D:-Quantum nature
Answer:- Option-B

Question No. 7:-The number of doses of vitamin A syrup, a five year old child does receive?
Answer:- Option-C

Question No. 8. In emergency which blood group can be used
A. A
B. B
D. O

Answer:- Option-D
Question No. 9:-Minimum Alveolar concentration of sevoflurane is
Answer:- Option-C

Question No. 10:-Red current jelly stool is seen in
 D:-Meckel's diverticulum
Answer:- Option-B

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