Nursing mcq with answers

Nursing mcq with answers Set 1

Question No. # 29926 to # 29930

# 29926.    If a blood pressure cuff is too narrow or wrapped too loosely, the blood pressure reading will be
(a)    Falsely low
(b)    Falsely high
(c)    Difficult to hear because sounds will be muffled
(d)    Depending    on    the    examiner’s acuity
# 29927.    The correct site to verify radial pulse reading is
(a)    Brachial artery
(b)    Apex of heart
(c)    Temporal artery
(d)    Inguinal artery
# 29928.    Which    condition    is    termed    as tachycardia in adults?
(a)    Pulse rate < 60/min
(b)    Pulse rate >100/min
(c)    Pulse rate 72/min
(d)    Pulse rate 80/min
# 29929.    The nurse is using auscultation to obtain a pulse. This is an example of
(a)    Subjective measurement
(b)    Related factor
(c)    Objective measurement
(d)    Risk nursing diagnosis
# 29930.    Which of the following intervention is NO recommended in watery diarrhea?
(a)    Intravenous Albumin
(b)    Psyllium
(c)    Potassium supplements
(d)    Normal saline

Answer for Nursing mcq-Set 1

 # 29926    B
# 29927    B
# 29928    B
# 29929    C
# 29930    A

Nursing mcq with answers Set 2

Question No. # 29931 to # 29935

# 29931.    A bland diet consist of
(a)    High carbohydrate and high fat
(b)    Plenty of roughage
(c)    Non irritating foods
(d)    Both a and c
# 29932.    The correct position to palpate the apical pulse is at the
(a)    Left midelavicular line at the level of second intercostals space
(b)    Left midclavicular line at the level of fifth intercostals space
(c)    Left axillary line at the level of fifth intercostals space
(d)    Left midclavicular line at the level of seventh intercostals space
# 29933.    One of the following factors does not promote elimination
(a)    High fibre diet
(b)    Exercise
(c)    Anxiety
(d)    Normal fluid intake
# 29934.    Rapid    administration    of    blood containing citrate cause:
(a)    Hypokalemia
(b)    Hyperkalemia
(c)    Hypocalcaemia
(d)    Hypercalcaemia
# 29935.    When a patient is being administered oxygen what should be specifically avoided
(a)    Cotton sheets (b) Smoking
(c) Latex gloves (d) All of these

Answer for Nursing mcq-Set 2

# 29931    C
# 29932    A
# 29933    C
# 29934    C
# 29935    B

Nursing mcq with answers Set 3

Question No. # 29936 to # 29940

# 29936.    Oxygen saturation is measured by:
(a)    Pulse oximeter (b) Thermometer
(c)  Manometer    (d) Pulse transducer

29937.    The condition occurs due to lack of oxygen (O2) in the body known as
(a)    Jaundice    (b)  Cyanosis
(c)  Dehydration    (d)  Palcness
# 29938.    Humidified oxygen is administered via tracheostomy after a laryngectomy because
(a)    Humidified oxygen contains more water
(b)    The upper airway is no longer connected to the lower airway
(c)    The    lower    airway    heals    more quickly if humidity is utilized
(d)    Humidified oxygen administration facilitates suctioning
# 29939.    Quantity of sodium chloride required to make Litre of normal saline is
(a)    0.9 Grams    (b) 9 Grams
(c)  900 Grams    (d) 90 Grams
# 29940.    Normal saline is an
(a)    Isotonic solution
(b)    Hypotonic solution
(c)    Hypertonic solution
(d)    None of the above

Answer for Nursing mcq-Set 3

# 29936    A
# 29937    B
# 29938    B
# 29939    B
# 29940    A

Nursing mcq with answers Set 4

Question No. # 29941 to # 29945

# 29941.    Tonicity of Ringer Lactate solution is
(a)    Isotonic    (b) Normotonic
(c)  Hypotonic    (d) Hypertonic
# 29942.    RL contains
(a)    Na, K, Ca    (b) Na, K, Mg
(c)  Na, Mg    (d) Dextrose glucose
# 29943.    Patient with acute pulmonary oedema should be provided with
(a)    Ventilator in ICU
(b)    High concentrated oxygen
(c)    Position and rest
(d)    Comfort and with upright position
# 29944.    Route of administration by which drug reaches the joints directly
(a)    Intra-articular    (b) Intravenous
(c)  Intrathecal    (d) Intra-arterial
# 29945.    A    patient    with    dyspnea    should    be placed in
(a)    Sim’s position
(b)    Supine position
(c)    Orthopneic position
(d)    Lithotomy position

Answer for Nursing mcq-Set 4

# 29941    A
# 29942    A
# 29943    B
# 29944    A
# 29945    C

Nursing mcq with answers Set 5

Question No. # 29946 to # 29950

# 29946.    Which of the following methods should be used to collect a specimen for urine culture?
(a)    Have the client void in a clean container
(b)    Clean the foreskin of the penis of uncircumcised men before specimen collection
(c)    Have the client void into a urinal and then pour the urine into the specimen container
(d)    Have the client begin the stream of urine in the toilet and catch the urine in a sterile container midstream
# 29947.    Regen used for testing albumen in urine
(a)    Acede acid
(b)    Magnesium sulphate
(c)    Benedict’s solution
(d)    Ammonium Sulphate
# 29948.    Report    to    the    nurse    in    charge    if patient’s urine is
(a)    Yellow    (b) Red
(c)  Clear    (d) Odourless
# 29949.    Benedict’s test used to detect from urine sample
(a)    Acetone    (b) Glucose
(c)  Bile salts    (d) Bile pigment
# 29940.   Urine sample for culture is collected from
(a)    First urine    (b) Last urine
(c)    Midstream urine
(d)    First and last urine

Answer for Nursing mcq-Set5

# 29946    D
# 29947    A
# 29948    B
# 29949    B
# 29950    C

Nursing mcq with answers