1. The muscle relaxant of choice in patients with liver disease is
 D:-d tubo curarine
Answer:- C:-Atracurium

2. One of the following drug causes reddish discoloration of urine
Answer:-  C:-Rifampicin

3. Delayed union and non union is common with fractures of the following bone except
 C:-Intracapsular fracture neck of femur

Answer:-  B:-Calcaneum

4. The reading of Mantoux test is done at

Answer:- D:-48-72hrs

5. Which is a specific ulcer ?
 A:-Tuberculous ulcer
 B:-Aphthous ulcer
 C:-Dermatitis artefacta
 D:-Venous ulcer

Answer:-  A:-Tuberculous ulcer

6. Abnormal blue colouration of skin and mucous membrane is called

Answer:-  B:-Cyanosis

7. In breech presentation, delivery of the head is by
 C:-Extreme flexion and extension

Answer:-  D:-Flexion

8. which of the following interventions can best prevent bedsore?
 A:-Keep the skin clean and dry
 B:-Massage reddened areas with lotion and oils
 C:-Change position every 2 hourly
 D:-Use special water mattress
Answer:-  C:-Change position every 2 hourly

9. The intracranial haemorrhage which is always a coup injury is

Answer:-  A:-Extradural

10. Primary health care includes all except
 A:-Appropriate technology
 B:-Equitable distribution
 C:-Intersectorial co-ordination
 D:-Treatment is done by a doctor
Answer:-  D:-Treatment is done by a doctor