1. The optimum level of fluoride in drinking water is between
 A:-0.6 – 0.9 mg/liter
 B:-0.2 – 0.4 mg/liter
 C:-0.3 – 0.7 mg/liter
 D:-0.5 – 0.8 mg/liter

Answer:-  D:-0.5 – 0.8 mg/liter

2. Peripheral neuropathy is the principal adverse effect of

Answer:-  A:-INH

3. Patient who refuses to eat his meal stating that the food is
poisoned is an example of
 A. Delusion
B. Hallucination
C. Suicidal idea
 D. Negativism

4. In patient with normal renal function, oral morphine should be given
 A:-8 hourly
 B:-6 hourly
 C:-4 hourly
 D:-2 hourly

Answer:-  C:-4 hourly
5. Angular stomatitis is caused by
 A:-Iodine deficiency
 B:-Thiamine deficiency
 C:-Pyridoxine deficiency
 D:-Riboflavin deficiency

Answer:- D:-Riboflavin deficiency

6. International Red Cross Society is founded by
 A:-Charles Dickson
 B:-Charles Darwin
 C:-Henry Dunant
 D:-Von pirguet

Answer:- C:-Henry Dunant

7. Anti sterility vitamin is
 A:-Vitamin A
 B:-Vitamin E
 C:-Vitamin K
 D:-Vitamin D

Answer:-  B:-Vitamin E

8. The bacteria grows in the baby intestine and prevent harmful bacteria such as E-coli from growing and causing
diarrhea the bacteria called
 A:-Lactobacillus bifidus
 D:-None of the above

Answer:-  A:-Lactobacillus bifidus

9. Which cranial nerve emerges out from the either side of frenulum veli ?
 A:-Abducent nerve
 B:-Oculomotor nerve
 C:-Trochlear nerve
 D:-Facial nerve

Answer:-  C:-Trochlear nerve

10. A definite diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis can be ensured with
 A:-Sputum macroscopy
 B:-Chest x-ray
 C:-CT scan of thorax
 D:-Sputum AFB culture

Answer:-  D:-Sputum AFB culture


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