1. Increased amount of ketone bodies are excreted in urine in which of the following ?
 B:-diabetes mellitus
 D:-all the above

Answer:-  D:-all the above

2. Kopliks spots are seen in

Answer:-  B:-Measels

3. DOTS programme introduced for the treatment of
Answer:-  A:-tuberculosis

4. Therapeutic use of clotrimazole
 A:-systemic antibacterial
 B:-topical anti fungal
 C:-systemic antifungal
 D:-topical antibacterial

Answer:-  B:-topical anti fungal

5. Hardness of water is due to the presence of
 A:-Calcium carbonate
 B:-Magnesium carbonate
 C:-Calcium and magnesium sulphate
 D:-Both Calcium carbonate and Magnesium carbonate

Answer:-   D:-Both Calcium carbonate and Magnesium carbonate

6. Antiseptic solution containing bleaching powder is
 B:-Magsulf solution
 C:-Mercurochrome solution
 D:-AF lotion

Answer:-  A:-Eusol

7. Medicine prepared from the sun
 D:-Pollis umbo

Answer:-  C:-Sol

8. Both Vitamin A & D are present in
 A:-shark liver oil
 B:-cod liver oil
 D:-sesame oil

Answer:- B:-cod liver oil

9. The chemical substance which is responsible for the therapeutic effect in a drug is
 D:-Active principle

Answer:-  D:-Active principle

10. Which of the following drug concentrates in skeletal muscle ?

Answer:-  C:-Digoxin