1.  In the first encounter with the patient, the nurse should give more attention to
A. Fill an observation sheet
B. Gain the patient confidence
C. Arrive at the proper nursing diagnosis
D. Let the patient talk freely as he want

2.. The most important nursing diagnosis in patient with delusional  disorder is
A. Sensory perceptual alteration
B. Altered thought process
C. Impaired skin integrity
D. High risk for injury

3. First referral unit for PHC is
 A:-Regional hospital
 C:-Taluk hospital
 D:-Specialist hospital

4.  Clang association means
A. Thought and speech associated with unnecessary details
B. Association based on similarity of sound, without regard for differences in meaning
C. Various disturbances of associations that render speech and thought
D. Knowledge of objective reality of a situation; person is aware of a mental problem

5. When the patient believes that some body trying to do harm to him, this is called:-
A. Delusion of grandeur
B. Delusion of reference
C. Delusion of influence
D. Delusion pf persecution

6. 13.When a person has both positive and negative feelings toward the same object or individual. The feelings are referred to as A. Apathetic
B. Ambivalence
C. Inappropriate
D. Autistic