1. Insulin is produced from

Answer:-  A:-Pancreas

2. Marasmus is
 A:-Deficiency of vitamin
 B:-Protein malnutrition
 C:-Deficiency of fatty acids
 D:-Protein energy malnutrition

Answer:-  D:-Protein energy malnutrition

3. The World's AIDS Day is celebrated on
 A:-December 1st
 B:-December 10th
 C:-December 14th
 D:-December 31st

Answer:-  A:-December 1st

4. The position given for a patient with dyspnoea
 A:-Sim's position
 B:-Lithotomy position
 C:-Orthopneic position
 D:-Trendelen burg
Answer:-  C:-Orthopneic position

5. The parasite responsible for cerebral malaria
 A:-Plasmodium vivax
 B:-Plasmodium falciforum
 C:-Plasmodium quartan
 D:-Plasmodium ovale

Answer:-  B:-Plasmodium falciforum

6. Surgery for cancer of colon
 B:-Abdominoperineal resection

Answer:-  B:-Abdominoperineal resection

7. What is the concept of vision 2020 ?
 A:-The right to healthy eye
 B:-Right to reduce blindness
 C:-Right to donate
 D:-Right to sight

Answer:-  D:-Right to sight

8. The causative organism of whooping cough.
 A:-Bordetella Pertussis
 B:-Clostridium tetani
 C:-Coryne bacterium diphtheriae

Answer:-  A:-Bordetella Pertussis

9. Normal bleeding time is
 A:-1-3 m
 B:-3-6 mt
 C:-6-10 mt
 D:-10-12 mt

Answer:-  C:-6-10 mt

10. Mantoux (tuberculin) test was developed in

Answer:-  D:-1907


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